Terms and Conditions:

1. ‘The Refer a Friend’ promotion at the Estates (Promotion) commences on 1 July 2017 and concludes on 31 December 2017 (Promotion Period).

2. The Promotion applies to any lot in the Estates (other than lots excluded by the Seller) available for purchase during the Promotion Period (Eligible Lot).

3. If any person that has previously purchased a lot in the Estates (Referrer) refers a friend (Buyer) to the Seller and the Buyer also purchases a lot in the Estates, then both the Referrer and the Buyer will be eligible for the Promotion, subject to the following terms.

4. The Promotion entitles:
(a) the Buyer to select to receive upon settlement of the Eligible Lot an incentive of either a prepaid Visa gift card in the amount of $1,000 (Gift Card) or a credit of $1,000 against the purchase price and other money payable at settlement by the buyer (Rebate); and
(b) the Referrer to receive a Gift Card upon settlement of the Eligible Lot.

5. To be eligible to receive the Gift Card or the Rebate, the Buyer must:
(a) enter into a contract of sale with the Seller to purchase an Eligible Lot during the Promotion Period (Sale Contract); and
(b) settle the Sale Contract by the settlement date set out in the Sale Contract (Settlement Date).

6. The Buyer will not be entitled to the Gift Card or the Rebate if the settlement of the Sale Contract is extended beyond the Settlement Date whether at the request of or due to the default of the buyer.

7. The Referrer is not entitled to the Gift Card until the Referrer has completed settlement of the lot in the Estates purchased by the Referrer, and the Buyer has also completed settlement under the Sale Contract. If the Referrer is in default under the sale contract entered into with the Seller or if that sale contract is terminated for any reason not attributable to the Seller, the Seller is not obliged to provide the Gift Card to the Referrer, but the Seller may do so in the Seller’s absolute discretion.

8. The Promotion is subject to any other terms and conditions set out in the Sales Contract.

9. The Promotion may be withdrawn, or these terms and conditions amended (including by extending the Promotion Period), at any time during the Promotion Period.

10. The Promotion cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion or offer relating to an Eligible Lot.

11. In these terms and conditions:
(a) ‘Estates’ means each of the following:

  • Flamewood, Brabham
  • Brightwood, Baldivis
  • Living Edge, Wellard; and
  • Beenyup Grove, Byford.

b) ‘Seller’ means the seller in respect of a lot promoted for sale in the Estates.